Downtown Iloilo City Mobile Phone HD Wallpapers

As I came across the internet, I noticed that many of the beautiful cityscape wallpaper photos are mostly foreign. I barely even see photos of a city in the Philippines. As I expect to be meeting more people personally with the pandemic officially over, as the World Health Organization has declared, I can’t help butContinue reading “Downtown Iloilo City Mobile Phone HD Wallpapers”

How to track your PRC CPD credits

Did you know that the PRC has a dedicated website for CPD credits? It is known as the Continuing Professional Development Accreditation System (CPDAS). The platform can be accessed by both CPD providers as well as professionals who wish to track their CPD credits.

New priority projects in Western Visayas

Of the 194 priority projects in the country, there are 10 projects located in Western Visayas. These include five continuing projects which are ongoing with the construction phase, detailed engineering design, and project preparation.

Timeline: The Panay-Guimaras-Negros Island Bridges Project

If you are an Ilonggo, then the long narrative of the major islands of Western Visayas getting connected by long-span bridges has grown with you. In fact, several administrations since the Fifth Republic have chipped in into the wish of Ilonggos of having a truly connected region. Recently, there were several news outlets which somehowContinue reading “Timeline: The Panay-Guimaras-Negros Island Bridges Project”

Reflections on Ungka Flyover

I am currently building up my experience in transportation engineering. This specialization is not as lucrative as construction, though. It does not pay much. Demand for transportation experts is quite low despite of being one of the most important for urbanizing areas. Transportation is one of the most difficult to comprehend as it requires enoughContinue reading “Reflections on Ungka Flyover”

PH Senate Bills on Road Safety filed in 2022

Road safety remains as one of the difficult discussions when it comes to legislation. Over the years, only a few have hurdled the legislative process and made it to become laws. Though implementation and results are due for a separate discussion, it is apparent that laws alone without the commitment to their implementation will neverContinue reading “PH Senate Bills on Road Safety filed in 2022”