Timeline: The Panay-Guimaras-Negros Island Bridges Project

If you are an Ilonggo, then the long narrative of the major islands of Western Visayas getting connected by long-span bridges has grown with you. In fact, several administrations since the Fifth Republic have chipped in into the wish of Ilonggos of having a truly connected region. Recently, there were several news outlets which somehowContinue reading “Timeline: The Panay-Guimaras-Negros Island Bridges Project”

PH Senate Bills on Road Safety filed in 2022

Road safety remains as one of the difficult discussions when it comes to legislation. Over the years, only a few have hurdled the legislative process and made it to become laws. Though implementation and results are due for a separate discussion, it is apparent that laws alone without the commitment to their implementation will neverContinue reading “PH Senate Bills on Road Safety filed in 2022”

Why is the Peso getting weaker? (For the common tao)

OFWs may rejoice at first with the exchange rates getting more pesos for each dollar or whatever currency for that matter. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Goods which generally require materials from abroad would entail more acquisition costs and the Filipinos will need to deal with the price increases. Despite more pesos for now, it projects “more pesos for the same quantity of goods”.

Infrastructure is the key: Lessons from Iloilo City’s Bike Lanes

I found that there is a direct link on how infrastructure for cycling has influenced the increase of cyclists in Iloilo City. Through historical data review and stakeholder surveys, I structured how the cycling culture developed in Iloilo City.

Trust issues

As we are entering the 2nd year of our not so normal lives, let us be grateful that we are still connected no matter how disconnected we are. While our trust issues pile up, let us equip ourselves with sufficient critical thinking, common sense and reading comprehension. We may not be able to trust specific people but the only way to emerge victorious is to subject the information to deep scrutiny before allowing entry to our heads.

Effects of COVID-19 in the infrastructure sector

Although the world has seen different effects on the infrastructure sector, it seems that the Philippines has laid in place its infrastructure boom at the right time, at least. But the true indicator of the sector’s success lies on which direction the country would be going after the pandemic.

Digital Isolation: When the PH gov’t disagrees with Facebook

The Philippine president did not take the Facebook shut down of several allegedly fake accounts lightly. Now it threatens to block the social media giant in his land. What are the implications and how did other nations decide to block the largest social media platform?

The Fading Bike Lanes: Weighing in on weather and demand

Just a few days after the netizens have lauded the initiative of the local government to provide bike lanes through donations of paint, the rainy weather seem to have messed with us. Photos have been spreading around about how the paint of the bike lanes were stripped off by the heavy rains in the past few days.

GDP will not be a priority in the pandemic

This is article was originally published with the title, “Will GDP growth be a priority this year?” at Daily Guardian. It just took a little virus to cause the world to shift beyond proportions. The COVID-19 pandemic is worse than wildfires and this will surely be felt in the coming years even if we allContinue reading “GDP will not be a priority in the pandemic”