An engineer is not all numbers and I can be fun, too. I will “write” my best to convince you.

I finally got that “push” or divine intervention to launch my personal blog/website just late August 2020. I am Ray Adrian, a Filipino licensed civil engineer who specializes in highway safety and planning. I have just transferred from the Department of Public Works and Highways and right now I currently work as a senior economic development specialist (policy formulation and planning) at the National Economic and Development Authority of the Philippine government.

I started this website as a way of compiling my passion for the things that are important to me such as road safety, innovation, economic development, society, and education. The things I care about are probably instilled by my experiences as a government worker who really dreams high for a better country and a better world in general.

Beyond engineering, I am also a partner of government agencies in training programs, violence and injury prevention, and planning.

I worked closely with the Department of Health Western Visayas Center for Health Development to formulate programs and policy recommendations to ensure road safety is prioritized in the local and grassroots level.

Additionally, I am a partner of the of the Philippine Information Agency in journalism trainings for high school and college students in Western Visayas.

How I Became
the Ilonggo Engineer

Now you might ask why “Ilonggo Engineer”? I am born and raised and even living in Iloilo City, Philippines right now. So I am Ilonggo. The full name, however, really came into realization back in 2019 when I got the rare chance of representing the Philippines in the prestigious World Road Congress where I got the opportunity to present my paper on road safety and governance. I was the only Filipino and as a result, I made it into local news headlines dubbed as the “Ilonggo Engineer”. Even my colleagues and friends tease me in this title to which I am honored to be called. This enthusiasm of the Ilonggo community in supporting me not just in the Philippines but also all over the world motivated me to do more great for my country.

Thus, I believe that this blog would motivate young engineers and professionals in general to work smart and be contributory to make a better country for future generations.

I hope you are one of them. Let us make the world a better place.