Giving civil service a chance

As someone who had several traumatic experiences with the services of the government, I always had the idea of entering civil service myself at the back of my head. But never did I expect that I am now in service for more than six years with the dream of becoming a cabinet secretary someday.

I am a proud product of a school paper

For most college students, joining the school publication is not really as fulfilling. However, the benefits of joining this organization is beyond just having your name in the by-line. It gives you an edge in your career. I took on that challenge and even ended up with some trade-offs in college, and for me, it was all worth it.

The pricetag of the ENGR amid the pandemic

Toward the end of August, I would see more students in their uniforms. Jeepneys get cramped up with a lot of people especially at seven in the morning on my way to work and at five or six in the afternoon as I make my way home. The smell of hardwork and business as usualContinue reading “The pricetag of the ENGR amid the pandemic”