Downtown Iloilo City Mobile Phone HD Wallpapers

As I came across the internet, I noticed that many of the beautiful cityscape wallpaper photos are mostly foreign. I barely even see photos of a city in the Philippines. As I expect to be meeting more people personally with the pandemic officially over, as the World Health Organization has declared, I can’t help but find ways bringing Ilonggo pride with me wherever I go. After all, the era of having Iloilo City as my webinar or virtual meeting background could eventually end.

Some mainstream photographers take photos for a living and I perfectly understand why their beautiful photos reach only a few audience and probably only circulate for a premium. With that in mind, I gladly offer a few of my photos to the public for us to bring an Ilonggo touch with our everyday companion – our mobile phones. In that way, we can bring our home close to us wherever we go now that traveling has become more frequent.

Now, I share with you high-definition, watermark-free, and royalty-free photos to your phones. Previews are found below:

To download, simply click the following links with the corresponding title of the photos from above.

The City HallDownload (1.96MB)
The Bike CapitalDownload (1.09MB)
The Heritage Marker (iOS Depth Effect Ready)Download (1.66MB)
The BastionDownload (2.05MB)
Arches and MoreDownload (1.04MB)
*To avoid any image download compression and to get high quality photos, make sure you are connected to wifi.

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Ilonggo Engineer or Ray, is a civil engineer and a writer who strongly advocates for road safety, technology literacy, and social equity.

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