Goodbye, GetGo: What happens next?

Update: My not-so-good GetGo to GoRewards experience

Who else would not want to travel for free? For the longest time, the loyalty program of Cebu Pacific was able to convince me to always choose the airline in almost all of my flights. I did pay for most of my travel while I was collecting these GetGo points with the hope of getting free flights. I even endured the longest flight of my life from Manila (MNL) to Dubai (DXB) eyeing for more points. That was probably my worst flight experience that some travelers would also agree but it is also one of the world’s cheapest flights in terms of cost per distance traveled.

Back in 2019, I banked up nearly 40,000 points. I spent all of it for my traveling plans the following year (2020). I laid out a trip to Baguio (via MNL) in February, a birthday gift tour for my sister to Singapore (SIN) in June and finally a birthday trip for myself together with my best friends to Korea (ICN)where we will meet halfway with another best friend from Canada. It was all so exciting. I was able to see the Summer Capital of the Philippines and then the rest… pandemic.

The air transport industry is probably the worst hit industry in mobility. Although flights still exist, passenger flights took the largest blow as an effect of lockdowns, heavy regulation for travel and behavioral shift due to the dangers of the coronavirus disease. Each carrier have been pulled back to their drawing board and went back to their business models which took years to perfect. This includes of course, Cebu Pacific.

Unfortunately, last May 27th I received an email from them that the program will be replaced by a rewards program for retail sales. Starting July 26, 2021, the GetGo Program will be integrated into the new Go Rewards Program. This offers its members access to rewards and benefits through its partners like Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Retail stores, Caltex, and a growing roster of your favorite lifestyle brands.

As GetGo transitions into Go Rewards, the following adjustments will be made on your membership. Your GetGo points will remain yours but will be converted based on the following guidelines:

Points Issuance PeriodNew Currency/Account
Points earned before January 1, 2020Cebu Pacific Travel Fund at PHP0.30 per GetGo point
Points earned from January 1, 2020 onwardsGo Rewards Account at 0.3 Go Rewards points per GetGo point

For example, if a member has 3,378 GetGo points as of July 25, 2021 and 2123 of these points were earned before January 1, 2020, the points will be converted as follows:

GetGo Points for Conversion:Amount credited to Cebu Pacific Travel Fund:Amount credited to Go Rewards Account:
3,378PHP636.90376.5 Go Rewards points

You may continue to earn GetGo points from Cebu Pacific and other GetGo partners which will follow their respective mechanics and earn rates according to the schedule below:

Allowed until June 13, 2021Allowed until June 30, 2021Allowed until July 25, 2021
Robinsons Supermarket
Robinsons Easymart
Robinsons Department Store

Bank of Commerce
Go Hotels
Security Bank
Summit Hotels
Cebu Pacific
Dusit Hotels and Resorts
EastWest Bank

The GetGo points issued to you from January 1, 2020 to July 25, 2021, will be converted to their equivalent Go Rewards points balance on July 26, 2021. Redemption of points through Cebu Pacific and other partners will be until June 30, 2021, to give way to system transfer and preparations for the new program.  Redemption of Go Rewards points will be available by July 26, 2021.

Starting July 26, 2021, you will start earning Go Rewards points. The new earn rate will be as follows:

Card TypeVisa/Bancnet Spend in Cebu PacificOther Visa/Bancnet Spend
Credit CardPHP100 = 1 Go Rewards pointPHP200 = 1 Go Rewards point
Debit CardPHP400 = 1 Go Rewards pointPHP400 = 1 Go Rewards point
Prepaid CardPHP400 = 1 Go Rewards pointPHP400 = 1 Go Rewards point

As the program transitions, issuance of points earned from your monthly transactions using the CEB GetGo Visa Card will be adjusted based on the following:

Transaction date
Points to be issued to memberDate of points issuance
June 1 to 30, 2021
GetGo points
Debit/Prepaid: 1st week of July
Credit: 2-3 days after cutoff date
July 1 to 25, 2021
GetGo points
Debit/Prepaid: 1st week of August
Credit: 2-3 days after cutoff date
July 26 to 31, 2021
Go Rewards points
Debit/Prepaid: 1st week of August
Credit: 2-3 days after cutoff date
August 1 to 30, 2021
Go Rewards points
Debit/Prepaid: 1st week of September
Credit: 2-3 days after cutoff date

Apparently, what they failed to mention is that the Cebu Pacific Travel Fund expires. It will most likely compel its members to spend the travel fund until it gets voided out due to the many circumstances brought about by the pandemic. It will also force you to travel if the flight is not canceled because you have no valid reason to get a refund.

Whether we like it or not, the new rewards program will never be as good as the old one. I personally looked forward to spending my points when the pandemic is over. But I guess the complexity of loyalty programs mean that it is either the loyal patrons or the company itself who will shoulder the effect of the pandemic. Cebu Pacific chose its loyal customers to make their business elsewhere.

While we are still waiting for the actual effect to the customers who banked points, only time will tell if Cebu Pacific will remain afloat as the country’s homegrown budget airline. One acceptable option that I hope Cebu Pacific considers is the full conversion of the GetGo points to Go Reward points so that our hard earned points would not go to waste and become free passes for Cebu Pacific to fulfill its promise that GetGo points will not expire for life.

Published by Ilonggo Engineer

Ilonggo Engineer or Ray, is a civil engineer and a writer who strongly advocates for road safety, technology literacy, and social equity.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, GetGo: What happens next?

  1. May I know the current update of our GetGo Points we hard earned and put into place like a savings in our GetGo accounts? Can we transfer our GetGo Points to GoRewards? How can I transfer my GetGo Points into GoRewards? Anyone who have knowledge regarding this matter, please reply. Thank you


  2. I cant merge my GetGo Card inside Go Rewards app and the status says closed. I cant even see the points I have earned from flying in my ceb pac acc app. No reply from their cs.


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